The company promotes the next-generation engineering services for pharmaceutical production

The company promotes the next-generation engineering services for pharmaceutical production designed to offer greater performance with less environmental impact from the initial design.

Telstar introduces in its engineering services new features to minimize the environmental impact, in addition of empowering operational & costs viability and efficiency by reducing pollution, promoting sustainability, and minimizing risk to human health and the environment.

  • Smart Clean room – A compliant way to optimize clean room power consumption while having key parameters (particles, overpressure, temperature) under control.
  • Fluid Dynamics – Scientific approach in air-flow design to achieve the maximum optimization.
  • Clean room reduction – Allocating in clean rooms only what must be there, reducing their size to the minimum.
  • Engineering projects Carbon footprint evaluation – Assessment of the project carbon footprint to confirm it is environmentally efficient & optional assessment of existing facility suggesting measures to reduce its carbon footprint.
  • Cold WFI – Reducing energy consumption on fully compliant WFI production & distribution.
  • Paperless engineering & C&Q – Through its own software, IP6 eVAS, & BIM, paperless development of the project and associated documents.

A Telstar subject matter expert team will be at the event providing customers and attendants with depth information on green engineering solutions. Telstar is a leading brand of aseptic production solutions. The company specializes in the development of highly complex projects, from integrated process equipment to design, engineering and construction of complete turnkey pharmaceutical and biotech production facilities, critical installations, clean rooms, and R&D laboratories.