Telstar has started a promotional campaign devoted to laboratories and research centres in Portugal, specifically for cold storage, cryogenic and instrumentation lines.

Boreas is leading the company’s local initiative. It is the ecological -86º ultra-low-temperature freezer range designed to increase average performance by 20%. An innovative mechanical design enhances robustness, efficiency and ergonomics as well as ensuring the integrity of the cold preservation process. Equipped VIP with vacuum panels, the freezer guarantees the highest level of thermal insulation and maintains a temperature of -80ºC with ambient temperatures up to +28ºC.  Unlike standard freezers designed with panels based on polyurethane foam, a thinner inner insulation provides Boreas with an enlarged storage capacity of up to 30%. Boreas uses high purity natural refrigerant CFC free gases that contribute to environment preservation. The ecological ultra-low-freezers line has been developed using Telstar’s in-house cold storage technology.

In 2020, Telstar has reinforced the production of Boreas to meet the growing demand in the short term generated by the industrial production of new vaccines to treat Covid-19. The company doubled the manufacturing of this latest generation of ultra-low-temperature freezers that complies with all the stringent requirements of storage needed to protect the integrity of vaccines, not only in hospitals but also in logistic and transport processes.

At the same time, Telstar in Portugal is promoting solutions in the field of Cryopreservation units under vapor conditions, and scientific instrumentation focused on particle counters and monitoring systems designed by the Custom Biogenic Systems and Climet brands, respectively, which are represented by Telstar for these application areas.

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