To tackle the situation related to the Coronavirus outbreak, Telstar is operating under a business continuity plan which is taking into consideration three goals:

  •  Protection of the health and safety of our employees
  •  Maintain our operations to support our customers and other stake holders as much as this is possible under the given circumstances
  •  Take actions in order to limit the spread of the disease within the societies which we are operating in

We are following the guidance of each country’s authorities and wherever appropriate, we are taking additional measures. Related to the workplace, we have implemented home office at our subsidiaries as standard setup. We are using tele-meetings for any meetings, internally as well as externally.

Travel is limited to what is required to support our customers maintaining their operations.

In terms of visitors to our premises, we are limiting access to urgent needs and we are taking several protective measures, including a travel history request, a health status of the visitor and sanitary measures, before entering our premises.

With these measures, we are continuing our operations under the above-mentioned limitations.

If you have any questions or require any further clarification based on the above information please do not hesitate to contact

Click here to watch a video in recognition of Azbil Telstar employees for their commitment during the Covid-19 period.