The company will be unveiling the new green line equipment for laboratory and R+D centres, in addition to Zerocoat technology, a new antimicrobial barrier for BSC

At Expoquimia (Barcelona 2021, 14-17 September), Telstar will be displaying a new generation of environmentally friendly laboratory freeze dryers that operate with natural gases. LyoQuest Arctic is an innovative bench-top laboratory freeze dryer that integrates pre-freezing, primary drying and secondary drying processes avoiding the use of conventional HFC or HFO cooling gases. +info

The company will also be exhibiting BiOptima IT, the new version of microbiological safety cabinets particularly designed for the integration of software solutions for oncologic therapy planning, therapy monitoring and the preparation of cytotoxics.  BiOptima range belongs to the new generation of ergonomic human-centred Microbiological Safety Cabinets (MSC) totally adapted to the operator’s physical features and requirements and designed to provide higher performance, comfort and cleanability. +info

BiOptima range also integrates Zerocoat, a new antimicrobial bacteriological barrier. It is a new technology promoted by Telstar that provides the interior of the cabinet with a high antimicrobial power and reduces cleaning and maintenance costs.  Based on new photocatalytic treatment based on titanium dioxide it provides a self-cleaning surface which breaks down organic matter when the light system is triggered. Incorporated on the inside of the cabin, this treatment fully protects the work surface and, among other variables, endows the stainless steel that surrounds the chamber`s interior with a high potential antimicrobial power. +info

Telstar will also be promoting Boreas, a -86º ultra-low-temperature freezers designed to increase average performance by 20%. An innovative mechanical design enhances robustness, efficiency and ergonomics as well as ensuring the integrity of the cold preservation process. Equipped VIP with vacuum panels, the freezer guarantees the highest level of thermal insulation and maintains a temperature of -80ºC with ambient temperatures up to +28ºC.  Unlike standard freezers designed with panels based on polyurethane foam, a thinner inner insulation provides Boreas with an enlarged storage capacity of up to 30%.

 Telstar at Expoquimia 2021

Recinto Gran Vía I, Pavilion 3, Level O, Stand C 90