Azbil Corporation announced it has established new numerical targets for essential goals of the Group in the field of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In pursuit of achieving a sustainable society, the azbil Group has positioned the SDGs as important guideposts for management. A total of four goals covering business and general corporate activities, including human resource development, aim to create value unique to the azbil Group. The new numerical targets, which are established in order to advance its contributions “in series” to a sustainable society, are assigned to the goals of Environment and Energy, Health and Well-being Management, and An Organization That Never Stops Learning.

  • For Environment and Energy, the azbil Group will contribute to the effective reduction of 3.40 million metric tons of CO2 per year at customers’ sites
  • For Health and Well-being Management and An Organization That Never Stops Learning, the azbil Group will set a 65% target for the percentage of employees satisfied working for the azbil Group as well as the percentage of employees who felt personal growth through their job in the past year.
  • For Environment and Energy, the azbil Group is striving to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions at customers’ sites and established a numerical target of 3.40 million metric tons per year for contributing to the effective reduction of CO2 emissions.

Telstar, part of the azbil Group, leads the Life Science Engineering business division of the Japanese corporate group to provide global solutions in design, engineering and manufacturing processes with automation technologies for the international life science markets, such as biopharmaceutical, life science research, personalized medicine, regenerative medicine and functional foods.

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