TVAC3 Compact Cubed Thermal Vacuum Chamber

TVAC3 is a cube-shaped Thermal Vacuum Chamber designed to test cubesat satellites and small satellites components. Offering a reduced footprint, TVAC3 is a cleanroom compatible solution, easy to install, providing full access to the technical area of the equipment for accessible maintenance.

TVAC3 has been designed using off-the-self components to provide a low cost and short delivery time product with excellent performance. 

Technical Specifications

The main technical specifications are the following:

  • Useful dimensions: 400mm (W) x 450mm (D) x 490 mm (H)
  • Active baseplate dimensions: 400 mm x 450 mm
  • Temperature control range from -60 to +120°C
  • Heating / Cooling Rate > 2ºC/min
  • Vacuum level down to 10-6 mbar
  • SCADA Control through dedicated PC
  • Pre-installed socket for up to 8 TCs fully integrated in the SCADA
  • Three spare ports for additional instrumentation

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