Process Laboratory

Having over 50 years’ experience, including more than 300 studies on the subject of sterilization and freeze drying processes has given Telstar the technological capabilities and expertise to face future challenges. Telstar’s process laboratory comprises of highly qualified personnel who can offer specific optimized sterilization and freeze drying recipes per product for each unique customer.

Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and cryogenic microscope (FDM) studies are performed to obtain the thermal properties of each product. Once this information is collated Telstar can design the fastest freeze drying recipe maintaining the critical quality attributes (CQAs) of the product. Computrac is a piece of equipment that measures the samples’ residual moisture, which together with the sample thief of freeze driers allows Telstar to adjust secondary drying durations. Telstar’s controlled nucleation system known as “Lyonuc” can also help to improve homogeneity, cosmetics and cycle total durations.

Telstar’s process laboratory uses Process Analytical Technology (PAT) tools to determine recipe parameters for the customer’s product (pirani/capacitive manometer, thermocouples and PT-100, Lyometrics (soft-sensor product temperature monitoring), pressure rise test (PRT) at primary and secondary drying…)

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